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The Expedition Series is an outdoor playground with four play set designs already loaded with valuable features. Expedition Playsets are designed for children of all ages.

Our Expedition series is the most affordable family of top-quality playsets available.

Each thoughtfully-designed play set – the Acadia, Glacier, Yosemite and Avalanche – is carefully crafted with your child’s playtime in mind. From swings and slides, to rock walls, picnic tables, forts, and more, your child will find a variety of fun activities right in the safety of your own backyard!

Expedition Playsets are priced similarly to the “mass produced” sets you might find at big box home improvement and toy stores, but with a number of distinct advantages over those budget-priced sets:

Design Features

  • Pre-packaged kits for easy design
  • Unique options at great prices
  • Deck height 5′
  • Swing height 7′
  • Slide Length 10′

New Features

  • Improved Swing Beam
  • Adjustable Legs
  • Stronger Hardware
  • 2 + 1, Three Position Swing Beam

The new Expedition Single Beam has been completely redesigned for improved strength and stability. The 2 and 1 position setup makes it safer for children to enjoy different swing accessories with more space between each swing. The longer single beam legs and heavier duty hardware add increased stability to the swing beam and the entire fort structure. Additionally, the new single beams are adjustable in height for un-level backyards, making this our most flexible Expedition swing design ever!

We’ve added powder-coated steel Ladder Handrails* to our Expedition deck ladders, making them even safer. Your child will feel safe and secure climbing into their new fort with our flat steps and handrails. We offer many other swing accessories that can be added to your Expedition play set including gliders, infant swings, and toddler buckets. Talk to your local dealer to learn more about our improved Expedition Series.

The Expedition Series Collection