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Project Description

romina baby crib

Every piece of furniture that you bring into your home is a “person” that should instantly bond to your soul, to your intimate living space. Not only has it to be durable for accompanying your family over time but charming enough to win your heart. This is the kind of product we have in mind at Romina Furniture! There is no greater satisfaction on a professional level than to see your work becoming a little angel’s 1st furniture, 1st home, where he or she will grow healthy and strong to take on the challenges of this journey called “Life”.

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Romina Collections

Baby Crib - Antonio


21 Beautiful Finishes

The masculine side of an unique theme. ANTONIO is noblesse for life, sculpted in massive wood.

Baby Crib - Cleaopatra


21 Beautiful Finishes

The feminine side of a a design. Delicate, sensual, yet strong, as only CLEOPATRA may be.

Baby Crib - imperio


21 Beautiful Finishes

IMPERIO Design Line communicates excellence and dignity. Masterfully crafted in massive beechwood.

Baby Crib - karisma


Two-Tone Design

The KARISMA Design Line is simply beautiful. It makes you think about tradition and yet, in some charming way, it is modern.

nerva baby crib


21 Beautiful Finishes
The NERVA Design Line is a sculptural statement of superb craftsmanship in massive wood. It is finished by hand with attention to every detail.
Baby Crib - New York Baby

New York Baby

Two-Tone Design
Baby Crib - New York Teen

New York Teen

Two-Tone Design
Baby Crib - Ventianni


Two-Tone Design
The VENTIANNI Design Line is crafted from massive logs of beechwood finely cut and finished in order to bring out both the beauty of wood texture and the fine purity of straight lines, laying out an impression of character, solidity and comfort.
Baby Crib - Verona


Two-Tone Design
Verona is all about tradition and solid manufacturing, it not only looks like a furniture made to last for generations, it really is.
Baby Crib - Venice

Venice Crib

21 Beautiful Finishes
Baby Crib - Violinni


21 Beautiful Finishes
The VIOLINI Design Line illuminates the room and the soul.